These 12 Rainy-Day Outfit Ideas Prove That Style Is 100% Waterproof

Waking up to to gray skies and rain is enough to suck the outfit motivation right out of a person. But not to fear, we’ve got 12 rainy day looks that will keep you dry, comfortable, and stylish when you schlep to work in the elements. Don’t think you have to go all out to compensate for a gray day, either: It can really be as simple as a well-placed pair of wellies, a pop of color on a raincoat, or a perfectly tailored trench coat. And yep, heels are still fair game—we’ve found just the ones to keep you fleet-footed when you have to hightail it out of a downpour.

Scroll down for a dozen of the best rainy day looks we could find, from street-style stars to celebs who know exactly how it’s done—you might just find your perfect weatherproof look below.

An asymmetrical take on a classic yellow raincoat is an easy way to brave the rain—but make it fashion.

Bella Hadid definitely has the right idea with her combo of a classic plaid vinyl trench and cropped wide-leg jeans with flats.

If you want to wear a heel, opt for something low and chunky in case you have to make a mad dash to stay dry.

Opting for black faux-leather pants and a chunky Doc Marten–adjacent shoe, à la Jennifer Aniston, is an easy way to look pulled together (and keep your feet dry) in a downpour.

A rainy-day beret paired with a patterned coat is simple, chic, and effective for battling the elements.

Not all raincoats have to be long—or even raincoats at all. A cropped embellished jacket takes an all-black outfit and zhuzhes it up to the next level. (Just remember an umbrella—we love a clear bubble one to keep your outfit on display.)

Just because you’re working with neutrals doesn’t mean you have to keep them in the same family: Mix bluesy grays with layers of warm browns for an upgrade on the basics (and add a puffer on top for an extra layer of coziness).

On rainy days, we wear pink: The pajama trend lends itself perfectly to days when you’d rather stay in bed.

Not all gray has to be dull—in fact, it can be downright shiny. Don a minimalist piece in a vibrant metallic, like this silver shift in a foil finish, to add a little playfulness to an otherwise blah day.

We will always stan a poncho that is both utilitarian and attractive.

A trench with a cheerful pop of color in the lining adds a little something to a navy raincoat. Victoria Beckham–style sunglasses are definitely optional.

Go for an umbrella that departs from a solid black or navy color scheme—this rainbow-colored brolly is just the thing to perk up the gray of a rainy day (and we bet it will be a thousand times harder to accidentally leave behind).

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